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Our salon’s pricing structure offers clients the opportunity to experience our services at pricing levels that best suit your needs.

We have three levels, Junior, Designer, and Master Stylist Levels. These levels are the result of the stylists achievements, their experience within our salon, knowledge of the business, and level of advanced training they have received. Stylists at higher levels have established a higher demand for their time and services, so a promotion to a higher level is awarded for a career advancement. Once our experienced Stylists have reached the Master Level, driven by their career goals, they may decide to expand their education even further and specialize as a Artist Designer or Color Specialist.

Master Stylist is a level of hairstylist who has excelled in at least two of our mandatory three requirements for a level increase. A minimum of 5 years of professional experience and the required continuing education are necessary to obtain this level. A Master Stylist has mastered the most up-to-date cut and color techniques and  have the ability to teach these techniques to our staff. A Master Stylist must have built a great reputation as a hairstylist in the community, and in our salon takes appointments by request only. These are the most sought after hairstylist’s in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well known reputation in the community.

Designer Stylist is a level of hairstylist who has completed at least 250 hours of continuing education through in-salon training and attendance at approved education based hair classes. Generally our Designer Stylist’s have completed at least three years at the Junior Stylist level.

Junior Stylist level is a hairstylist who has obtained between one to three years of professional experience. Quarterly continuing education to expand professional skills and mentorship from a Master Stylist and Color Specialist is required at this level.  This ensures our talented young professionals are providing an optimum level of customer service and learning the techniques necessary to excel in their career.

Artistic Designer & Color Specialist is a hairstylist who has already obtained the level of a Master Stylist. Following their passion for the beauty industry, they have decided to take their expertise and education to the next level.  An Artistic Stylist has completed an advanced academy including programs in advanced hair cutting, texture techniques, and hairstyling.  A Color Specialist has mastered their skills in specialty & dimensional color in addition to advanced hair color techniques.  Any Stylist at the Master, Artistic Designer, or Color Specialist level is required to attended Industry Trade Shows and continue their education annually by participating in advanced programs for hair care recommendations, salon trends, advanced cutting and advanced hair color techniques.  At this level you will find that a Stylist is highly specialized, with 6 or more years of professional experience.